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A Feminine, Spiritual Path To Empowerment

The Lady Power Movement Manifesto

Changing your life starts with changing yourself first. If you want love, you first have to BE love.

The Lady Power Movement’s Manifesto is an inspiring guide to show you the way and supports you in your recovery.

Which aspirations speak to you?

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The Lady Power Movement Guidelines

Our intention is to support women to empower themselves in relationships. We commit to lovingly growing ourselves up to flourish into the women we were born to be.

Our freedom will liberate others and forever change the future for our daughters, granddaughters and generations to come. We aspire to live from love, not fear and to live the truth of who we are.

We use a private, women-only Facebook Group to connect with each other. We would love to have you join us!

Please read the Group Guidelines and confirm your willingness to uphold them.

We uphold each other’s anonymity and confidentiality. What is said in the group STAYS in the group. We each take responsibility to update our privacy settings on Facebook to protect our confidentiality as much as possible.

We keep our focus on the shared goal – empowerment and recovery. While this is not an affiliated 12 Step Program Support Group we can share what has helped us learn and grow.

We value interdependence. We take responsibility for our empowerment and reach out to give and receive support when we can. We refrain from giving unsolicited advice and encourage each other to focus on solutions, not problems. This is a free group for basic support and encouragement, self-awareness, and information only. This group does not provide counselling/therapy or medical/legal advice.

We acknowledge recovery is not just stopping our unhelpful behaviour but surrendering ourselves to a mind-body-spirit transformation. We accept this will be an ongoing, unfolding journey.

We acknowledge developing a faith can be fundamental to our success. We are free to explore and develop a deeper relationship with the ‘God Of Our Own Understanding’ and allow others to do the same. We do not preach or try to convert others to our spiritual path.

We strive to create peace and joy in our lives and this community. We give each other the rare gift of true listening, validation and encouragement. Any negative, judgmental, critical comments about members, or excessive foul language, will be deleted.

We celebrate that we are each our own expert. We keep the focus on ourselves. We share our experience using ‘I’ statements. We strive to share our feelings and insights rather than the drama/details of our story.

We embrace conflict as an opportunity to grow. We focus on mutual understanding and solutions rather than blame and resolve our differences privately.

We see relationships as opportunities to learn about ourselves. We respect the privacy of the people in our lives and refrain from referring to them by name, blaming, judging, criticizing, labelling or diagnosing them or posting photos of them. We acknowledge men and women are born equal. We respect ourselves and men and honour our differences.

We acknowledge our safety is our priority and responsibility. If we are experiencing abuse or feel suicidal we must call ‘OOO’ or medical/specialist care for help. We acknowledge this group is not monitored 24 hrs a day and is not a crisis support service. Any posts about abuse or suicide will be deleted and reported to the police and/or Facebook for your safety. If you require specialist support around Narcissistic Abuse please also join groups specifically for that issue.

We also understand no spam or promoting or selling products or services in posts or private messages to other members is permitted. Members who do this will be removed from group. As founder of the movement, Natalie Anne Murray will, from time to time, let members know of her services.

If we want to post about charitable events or causes we must send a private message to admin and ask permission first.

A breach of guidelines will result in one warning only or an immediate ban if the breach is serious. Please ask if you have any questions and report any concerns to admin.



“Your Task Is Not To Seek For Love But Merely To Seek And Find All The Barriers You Have Built Against It” – Rumi

Natalie Anne Murray (Nat) is a Feminine Transformation Master who specialises in helping self-aware, spiritual, professional women 40+, who want to feel empowered but struggle with fears,  insecurities or resentments.

Nat helps women to let go of old pain that is keeping them stuck and to reconnect to their feminine power so they can take back control of their lives, enjoy happy, healthy relationships and share their gifts with the world.

Nat is the founder and host of the Lady Power Movement for women around the world and specialises in deep, lasting transformation for her private 1:1 clients.




  • Licensed Woman’s Creatrix Transformologist® (See me on the official register here )
  • Level Two Licensed “Art of Feminine Presence”®Teacher (See more info here)
  • Specialized Experience in Healing From Childhood Trauma and Abuse
  • Life Coach
  • Highly Experienced Group Facilitator
  • Ex-Registered Nurse (majoring in Mental Health)