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About Natalie

♥ Reclaim Your Lady Power
 Transformation and Mentoring For Women 40+
♥ Be Yourself, Speak Your Truth, Open Your Heart

Hi Lovely,

Totally ‘over’ feeling stuck in a rut?

Tried to get help through therapy, ‘self-help’, or even 12 Step groups but still feel unhappy or disempowered?

Embarrassed because other females look up to you and you know you are not ‘walking your talk’?

You realise you are holding on to painful emotions like Fear, Anger, Hurt, or Guilt or nasty, negative beliefs like, “I’m not good enough, I’m not lovable, I can’t trust anyone.

You want to change and MOVE FORWARD but you don’t know HOW.

I really get it and want you to know that you are definitely NOT ALONE.


I’m Natalie Anne Murray (a.k.a Nat) and I help self-aware, spiritual, professional women, aged 40+, who want to be empowered but they struggle with fears, insecurities or resentments. I help them claim their power to freely ‘be themselves’, speak their truth and open their heart so they can take back control of their life, enjoy happy, healthy relationships and share their gifts with the world.

I gave my power away to people and things outside of myself for the first 40 years of my life.  I have been in recovery from codependency and love and food addiction for 17 yrs and have dedicated my career to helping other women free themselves from the devastating effects of childhood abuse, trauma, codependency and addictions.

I learnt from a young age it wasn’t safe to be in a female body or express my thoughts or feelings. I was anxious and depressed and always worried what other people thought of me. I tried to ‘numb out’ with relationships or food and then felt ashamed. I blamed everyone else for my unhappiness and couldn’t see I was the cause of my suffering.

If you want to read my short story of recovery “Goodbye Raunchy Rhonda” CLICK HERE

My ‘wake-up’ call came at age 35 when my gorgeous first husband died young. I had to ‘grow up’ and learn to take responsibility for myself. It was hard but I knew I didn’t want to be unhappy and alone for the rest of my life.

I dedicated myself to recovery and life changed a lot but I was still afraid to really be ‘ME’.

My fear of being judged and rejected held me back from truly living.

I searched for a solution and found it in CREATRIX® I put aside the voices in my head that screamed, ‘Who are you to spend more money just to be happy?  Who do you think you are wanting more?’ and I did it anyway!

CREATRIX® was the missing piece I had been looking for. I quickly, easily and effortlessly let go of my pain at its core and now I really don’t care what other people think!

I am empowered, happy and more loving to myself and my husband.

Now I’ve ‘put myself out there’ in a huge way by following my secret dream to become a feminine leader!

My Mission

Help 10,000 women set their hearts free!

I believe it is no accident our paths have crossed right now.

Everything happens in divine timing, right?

You want to live YOUR life with no apologies and no regrets.

It’s time to turn your ‘knowledge’ into true wisdom and BE the woman you were born to be!

If you are ready to really love and empower yourself here’s how I can help!


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Group Programs and Workshops

Ready To Transform? Book A FREE 20 Min Call With Nat

Ready To Transform? Book A FREE 20 Min Call With Nat

Natalie Anne Murray (Nat) is a Feminine Transformation Master who specialises in helping self-aware, spiritual, professional women 40+, who want to feel empowered but struggle with fears,  insecurities or resentments.

Nat helps women to let go of old pain that is keeping them stuck and to reconnect to their feminine power so they can take back control of their lives, enjoy happy, healthy relationships and share their gifts with the world.

Nat is the founder and host of the Lady Power Movement for women around the world and specialises in deep, lasting transformation for her private 1:1 clients.




  • Licensed Woman’s Creatrix Transformologist® (See me on the official register here )
  • Level Two Licensed “Art of Feminine Presence”®Teacher (See more info here)
  • Specialized Experience in Healing From Childhood Trauma and Abuse
  • Life Coach
  • Highly Experienced Group Facilitator
  • Ex-Registered Nurse (majoring in Mental Health)